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Instant Classified Ads are a free service for PRESENT Diabetes members. While anyone visiting PRESENT Diabetes may read and respond to Classified Ads, only PRESENT Diabetes may place them and track responses.

Ads may be placed in one of several categories, including Employment, Equipment for Sale, Practices for Sale and CME Programs. PRESENT Diabetes members who place ads receive confirmation for every message that is sent and received via email. Just click on the "Submit New Classified Ad Button" below, select an ad category, type in the relevant information, and click "Submit". It's fast, easy to use, and update. Plus, your ad instantly reaches thousands of members worldwide.
Current Ad Available Description
Equipment Available 0 Equipment for sale
Seeking Employment 0 Use the power of networking to find your next job. Let the community know what you are seeking here
Employment Available 0 Describe the job you are looking to fill and the attributes of the perfect employee you are seeking
Services Available 0 List the services that you provide here
Seeking Services 0 What services are you seeking ?
Seeking Equipment 0 What equipment are you looking for ?
Practice for Sale 0 Time to move on ? List your practice for sale here
CME Programs 0 List your upcoming education program here