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Diabetes Educators-Learn Spanish in Mexico with your Colleagues
Section:  General Diabetes

It's lovely, you'll learn a lot, earn continuing education, and have a wonderful experience. I know, I went.


Everyday we're reminded of the importance of learning and speaking Spanish with our patients. And, with such a high population of Spanish speaking people who have diabetes, not only will it help you better communicate with your patients, but it can increase your value as a diabetes educator.


The course consists of a week (five days) of Spanish study concentrating on diabetes education. There are 30 hours of classroom study, and opportunities to practice outside of the classroom.


The course is October 3-10, 2010 in Cuernavaca, Mexico. It is limited to 40 participants, so check it out and register. Learn more and register at http://presentelearning.com/upload/files/SpanishforDiabetesEducatorsinMexico.pdf


Get a few of your colleagues together and go....


If you have any questions, please let me know.


Thanks and EnJOY! (I know you will)



Spanish For Diabetes Educators



Re: Diabetes Educators-Learn Spanish in Mexico with your Colleagues

Want you to know...


This course is sponsored by the AADE California coordinating body.


Thanks again and EnJOY!


Re: Diabetes Educators-Learn Spanish in Mexico with your Colleagues

Taking this course helped me get my dream job

Really.  I took this course in January of this year, and it was the most fun I've ever had at an educational conference (and I attended ADA in New Orleans).  My Spanish improved so much that I was able to qualify for a job that required me to be bilingual, and able to communicate well with Spanish speakers newly arrived from Mexico.  Prior to taking the course, my level of proficiency was advanced intermediate.  Now it's advanced.  Kay is the most gracious hostess, and we were able to participate in social events that regular tourists cannot access: a beautiful private fiesta in a flower filled courtyard; a party at an amazingly gorgeous private home-on other trips I'd stand outside the walls of such homes and hope to catch a glimpse-we felt like very honored guests, indeed.  Did I mention the shopping?  It was the best experience I've had visiting Mexico!